George Everest House or Park State is just 6km from Library Chowk Mussoorie.

Company Garden is just 4km from 3.5km From Library Chowk. It is a Good for Children’s & Family

One of the First Buddhist temple build-up by Dalai Lama in India is Shedip Choepling Temple

Santula Dev Temple is 8km from Mussoorie on the way to Kempty fall.

Kempty fall is a Major attraction place for people visiting Mussoorie During Summer.

A Hundred-year-Old house make the place wonderful, It is on the distance of 5km

Gun hill is at the 7000feet above the See level & Second Highest mountain.

Highest Point of Mussoorie know as Lal Tibba, It is also one of the cleanest places .

Soham Heritage Centre is designed as the village house in Uttarakhand,

Surkanda Devi temple is 45km From Mussoorie. It is 1.5km up from the Road.

Top 12 Sightseeing Places in Mussoorie

The best way to explore the beautiful Top 12 Sightseeing Places in Mussoorie is by taking a drive through the picturesque mountains. It's an excellent place to enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature. There are several sights to see and a myriad of places to explore. If you're looking for an unforgettable vacation, consider visiting this hill town! You'll find some of the Best Places to visit in Mussoorie.

Mussoorie Sightseeing first place to visit is the Christ Church, which is the first Catholic church in the Himalayan region. The 1836 church has a beautiful gothic style exterior and gorgeous walls. The Princess of Wales visited the church in 1906 and planted a Deodar tree in the courtyard. Another place to visit is the Jwala Devi Temple, dedicated to the goddess Durga, located in Benog Hill.

Mossy Falls are the most iconic Mussoorie attraction, and they are class apart from other attractions. The falls are 145 meters high and sit amidst lush green forests. A trek to the falls is a serene experience, and it is best to do it in the early morning. For an even better experience, you can also visit the town's many eateries and cafes.

One of the most scenic places in Mussoorie is the Company Bagh park. This park is home to some of the most colorful flowers and an amusement park for kids. The company bagh park is a popular picnic spot, and the lake is also home to the famous Kempty Falls. Aside from this, you can enjoy Mussoorie Sightseeing with a beautiful the lake's view from a boat.

The town center is the hub of Mussoorie Sightseeing, and it is the city's main attraction. Whether you're interested in shopping, sightseeing, or a picnic, you'll have a best time to visit in Mussoorie small town. It's easy to spend a day exploring the sights and activities in Mussoorie, but remember to take your time. You'll be glad you did!

The famous Company Garden Museum is a small museum with overpriced admission. It features wax sculptures of celebrities and world leaders. The museum also houses an impressive Gothic style church and stained-glass windows that display the life of Jesus Christ. Visiting these places will ensure that you have a great holiday. If you have a young family, you can visit the renowned Kempty Falls.

The Haunted Savoy Hotel is one of the most popular landmarks in Mussoorie Sightseeing, and it is said to be haunted. The Kasmanda Palace is another beautiful heritage destination in Mussoorie. It was built by the royal family of the Kasmanda region, and is a stunning palace. The Museum displays the history of Mussoorie and the culture of the Himalayas.